The installation of Figure & Physique magazine is a two part process – first the iPad application is installed and then the Magazine itself is downloaded. The two methods by which you can install Figure & Physique Magazine onto your iPad are outlined below:

Note: Figure & Physique Magazine is an iPad application. Although you can download apps to your iTunes account on your laptop/desktop, it is only designed to work on your iPad, hence the download process must be completed on your iPad.

NOTE: We recommend that you don’t close the app while you download your first issue of the magazine. Make sure your iPad is well charged and connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Installing Figure & Physique Magazine on your iPad

  1. Open the AppStore on your iPad
  2. Enter ‘Figure and Physique’ into the search box at the top right of the screen
  3. You will notice next to the cover image the ‘Free’ button, click on this button
  4. The button changes to ‘Install App’, click ‘Install App’
  5. Enter your Apple Id details
  6. You will then be automatically taken to Newsstand, where the icon for Figure & Physique Magazine will appear whilst the app is being installed
  7. When the installation has completed, the magazine cover image will be displayed
  8. Click on the magazine cover image and the Subscription page will be displayed
  9. Click on the big yellow subscribe button, you will see a list of subscription options appear
  10. To claim your free trial subscription click on the ‘Current Subscribers’ button
  11. Enter the exact code word that was given to you (it is case sensitive) and click ‘OK’
  12. You will then see two buttons appear ‘Delete’ and ‘View’, click on ‘View’ to download the magazine – and you’re done!
We hope you enjoy Figure & Physique Magazine

1. Open the Appstore on your iPad

2. Search for ‘Figure and Physique’

3. Click on the ‘Free’ button 

4. Click in ‘Install App’

7. Newsstand

9. Click the Subscribe button

10. Click the ‘Current Subscribers’ button

11. Enter the exact code that was given to you

Installing Figure & Physique using the Laptop/Desktop Sync Method

  1. Use THIS link to go to the iTunes Store in your browser
  2. Click the ‘View in iTunes’ button
  3. Click the ‘Download’ button located under the cover image at the top left of the page
  4. Enter your iTunes details at the prompt
  5. When the app had downloaded, click on the ‘Apps’ item in the left hand side of the iTunes screen and you will see the icon for ‘Figure & Physique Magazine’
  6. Sync your iPad with your laptop/desktop and continue the installation into Newsstand  on your iPad by following the instructions at step 8 above

Magazine in Browser

Magazine in iTunes

Downloading app to iTunes

App installed in iTunes

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